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criticalresponse - After reading Murders in the Rue Morgue...

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After reading Murders in the Rue Morgue and the Mystery of Marie Roget, it struck me that Poe’s arrogant yet brilliant leading man, Dupin, bore uncanny similarities to the title character of the television series “House”. While Doctor Gregory House works as a diagnostician in a hospital in Chicago, whereas Dupin works as a detective in London, the two men share many similarities that go beyond the frameworks of their own individual professions. The first trait that both men embody is an overwhelming sense of arrogance. Despite the fact that both Dupin and House are brilliant thinkers who ultimately solve the mystery at hand, such a bold mark of conceit makes it difficult to both identify with, as well as like, these characters. Lack of likeability, however, is rather subjective, as some readers may find said arrogance to be justified, or perhaps even humorous. From my personal point of view, while reading Poe’s short stories, the
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