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MA 15200 Ground Rules Spring 2011 1 CLASS PERIOD Students are expected to attend every class meeting and to read the appropriate sections of the text before coming to class. Instructors often may not have time to cover every topic in class. Refer to your textbook lessons for help. Cell phones should be turned off during class and not used. Be considerate of other students when in class. Do not talk or disturb the instructor or other students. HOMEWORK/QUIZZES Most homework will be done online using MyMathLab (coursecompass). Doing your homework is your best way to be prepared for quizzes and exams. Homework assignments are scaled to 50 points of the 600 points toward the grade. There are a few problems in bolded print on the assignment sheet that are to be completed by students on their own (not online), but these problems are not usually collected. However, students are responsible for these problems and instructors have the option of occasionally collecting them. There will be some worksheets of homework problems that will not be on coursecompass and will be found under other information/worksheets on the course web page at www.math.purdue.edu/MA15200. It is extremely important that students complete these problems. Instructors have the option of collecting these problems for a score in place of or in addition to a quiz. A short quiz will be given in class almost daily , starting with the third class period (Friday, 01/14). Quizzes are scaled to 50 points out of 600 points toward the grade. Quizzes will be usually unannounced. Assume you have a quiz each class day, except the optional review days and during ‘dead week’. The quiz is usually over the previous class’s lesson. Quizzes are not usually cooperative, take-home, or open book/notes. No make-ups will be allowed for the quizzes or online homework, for any reason. Only under unusual circumstances will an extention of a deadline for an online homework be granted. Only the course coordinator can extend a deadline for a homework. The three lowest scores for homework and quizzes will not be counted . To have a fourth score (or more) not counted at the end of the semester will require acceptable written justification for having missed all four (or more). Note: If you have documentation for a fourth or more excused absences, you need to see the course coordinator. Only she can excuse additional absences or quizzes. You must provide her with written justification for all absences . If additional excused absences or quizzes are granted, she will notify your instructor. Excused absences may be granted for documented illness or hospitalizations, Purdue sponsored activities, death of an immediate family member or very close friend, or documented religious observances. The final decision on excused absences rests with the instructor for the first three excused absences and the course coordinator for any additional excused absences. A student who has excessive absences may not be granted additional excused absences upon
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152sp11groundrules - MA 15200 CLASS PERIOD Ground Rules...

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