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E-mail Messages, Spring 2011 Message 3 Hello! Today, I have attached some general comments about the class that I used to have instructors communicate to students the first day. However, since there are so many announcements plus a lesson on the first day, I decided to send the comments to you electronically instead. Please take the time to read this document and save. Today I attached the assignment list. The assignment list, along with the ground rules and class schedule, is also found on the course web page (www.math.purdue.edu/MA15200 for the day classes and www.math.purdue.edu/MA15200X for the Tuesday evening class). Most of your homework will be completed online using CoureCompass through MyMathLab of Pearson Education. Do not try to register or enroll in a class on CourseCompass on your own. Every class (except the Tuesday night class) will meet the second day of classes in a computer lab (rather than the regular classroom) and you will receive help to register and /or enroll. There will be PowerPoint
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