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Biology Study Guide 1. Tissues a. Epithelial – covers a body surface or lines a body cavity o Characteristics: high cellularity, supported by connective tissue, specialized contacts, avascular, regenerative, polarity, innervated o Specializations: apical end – cilia are mobile, create fluid movement; microvilli used for absorption, increase surface area Basal surface Connective tissue – capillary supply blood; nerve endings b. Connective Tissue o Characteristics: common origin, various degrees of vascularity, ECM, special cells o Functions: structural framework for the body, transport nutrients and waste, provide protection for vital organs, support and interconnection, insulate, store energy & produce impt cells of blood and lymphatic tissues, contribute to body defense/repair c. Muscle Tissue o Highly cellular and vascularized, contractile, excitable d. Nervous Tissue o o 2. Body Fluid Compartments – separated by a semi-permeable membrane a. Intracellular Fluid – 60% b. Extracellular Fluid – subdivided with a leaky epithelium o Plasma – vascular o Interstitial fluid – RBC, WBC, platelets too large to cross epithelium 3. Fick’s Law a. Rate of diffusion is proportional to (SA)(Conc Grad)(Mem Permeability) / (Mem thickns) b. Factors affecting rate of diffusion: lipid solubility, molecular size, cell membrane thickness, concentration gradient, membrane SA, composition of lipid layer 4. Transport a. Active Transport – requires input of energy o Primary (direct) active transport – energy from ATP/GRP o Secondary (indirect) – energy from potential energy stored in conc. gradient b. Facilitated Transport – passive – down a concentration gradient o Simple diffusion, facilitated diffusion (glucose, amino acids), osmosis (water)
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StudyGuideFinal - Biology Study Guide 1. Tissues a....

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