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MARCH 3 RE: MA15900 CALCULATOR POLICY, DO NOT IGNORE **BIG CHANGE. .. **KNOW THE MA15900 CALCULATOR POLICY. THERE ARE NO REASONABLE EXCUSES NOT TO KNOW IT. RE: MA15900 Calculator Policy for Quizzes AND Exams Note: Although I have designed this Tuesday's quiz to be reasonable without a calculator, this policy applies to this Tuesday's Quiz 14 and until the end of the semester. (Recommneded: TI-30XA calculator). *****MA15900 Calculator Policy(READ VERY CAREFULLY) ***Last semester at exam 3, some students were forced to take the exam without a calculator because all they brought was an illegal 2-line calculator or programmable data device. Make sure that does not happen to you. **Now that Exam 2 is over you may begin to use 1-line scientific calculator on quizzes and exams. My recommendation is the basic/simple, one-line, TI-30XA calculator. If you do not already have one, get one this week at Walmart, Target, etc. NOTE: Be careful, there is also a not allowed, illegal for this course, two-line calculator in
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