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Spring 2011 MA 22300: Online Homework Instructions Intro This semester, most of your homework will be completed online using a program called MathZone. There is a direct correlation between time spent on homework and success in the course, so it is highly recommended that you take the homework very seriously and spend sufficient time working on it. A few problems are not available in MathZone. These are noted on the assignment sheet in bold , and you must work these problems from the text. (There are copies of the text on reserve in the Hicks Undergraduate Library, should you decide not to purchase a text.) Only Lesson 31 will be worked by hand, collected and graded; however, the other bolded problems are covered on quizzes and exams, so be sure to work them. Compatibility To use MathZone, it is critical that your computer setup is compatible with the program. If you are using software that is not supported by MathZone, you will experience a great deal of frustration due to the problems that will occur. Unsupported software, or higher versions than listed as supported , causes difficulties such as no answer box appearing, correct answers being graded as incorrect, scores not being recorded correctly, etc. Further, unsupported software (or higher versions) may work fine for some lessons but not for other lessons. You will suddenly experience difficulties, but not realize that your software is the source. For this reason, be absolutely sure to check the supported versions of software and be sure to run the Plug-in Checker before working any problems. This will help insure that you have all of the correct programs and settings. Once the Plug-in Checker has been run, a link is provided for any changes that need to be made to your system. If you need any other help with the computer requirements of MathZone, you should call 800-331- 5094. The hours telephone support is available are Sunday, 7 pm – 12 am (midnight); Monday through Thursday, 9 am – 12 am (midnight); Friday, 9 am – 7 pm. Note that it is not recommended that you contact MathZone by email, as it may take more than 24 hours to get a response. If you are having problems with your computer, you cannot miss a homework deadline . Rather, you will need to use an ITaP computer (running the Plug-in Checker) to complete the homework on time. This means that you will want to be sure to attempt each homework problem before the evening it is due. Time Zone All online homeworks are setup using Eastern Standard Time, following daylight savings time. You will want to set your computer to local time, so the homeworks are available and due at the right times. Registering If you purchased MathZone previously, you do not need to purchase it again. You should login with your previous email address and password (call the MathZone support line at 800-331-5094, if you do not remember the email address and/or password used) and enter the Student Section Code for this semester. This will complete your registration. First time users:
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223MZInstructsp11 - Spring 2011 MA 22300: Online Homework...

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