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MA 13900 MATHEMATICS FOR ELEMENTARY EDUCATION III Spring 2010 Coordinator: Renee Roames MATH 808 ph: 494-1929 email: [email protected] Textbooks: Bennett and Nelson: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: A Conceptual Approach, 7th edition ; Bennett, Nelson: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers: An Activity Approach, 7th edition ; and the Manipulative Kit that is sold with the books. Bring your textbook and ACTIVITY BOOK PAGES TO CLASS DAILY. Bring your manipulative kit sets as needed. Other required materials: Protractor, ruler, compass, scotch tape, scissors, and stapler to staple multiple homework pages together. Print off or buy graph paper, which is useful for many lessons and assignments. Calculators: NO CALCULATORS ARE ALLOWED ON QUIZZES AND EXAMS. Grading: Grades will be based on three evening exams (100 points each), quizzes (100 points), homework (50 points), and a comprehensive final exam (150 points). 360 of the 600 points (60%) is the lowest passing grade. Exams:
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