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139volumeproject - pyramid to the nearest 0.1...

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To be assigned after lesson 32. Name: ______________________ Math 13900 Volume Project For the following project, you may use any materials. This must be your own original creation. Construct a right pyramid with a base that is a regular pentagon such that each edge of the pentagon measures 6 cm. You will show this to your instructor. Length of side of pentagon: 6 cm Length of dotted line in sketch: 4.13 cm Prepare the following to turn in: Work to find the area of the pentagonal base : Area of the pentagonal base to the nearest 0.1 sq cm. ______________ Measure the height of the pyramid (by holding a centimeter ruler in a vertical position next to your
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Unformatted text preview: pyramid) to the nearest 0.1 centimeter : _________________ (Please note that this is NOT the same as the length of the dotted line shown below. Ask your instructor if you are unsure of the difference.) Work to find the volume of the pyramid : Volume of the pyramid to the nearest 0.1 cu cm: ________________ Length of dotted line in sketch (measure to the nearest 0.1 cm) _______ Face: Work to find the area of each triangular face: Area of each triangular face to the nearest 0.1 sq cm: ______________ Work to find the surface area of the pyramid: Surface area of the pyramid to the nearest 0.1 sq cm: _______________ 6 cm 6 cm...
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