Final_Exam_Review_MA_139 - MATH 139 FINAL EXAM REVIEW...

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Final_Exam_Review_MA_139 1 MATH 139 FINAL EXAM REVIEW PROBLEMS Bring a protractor, compass and ruler. Note: This is NOT a practice exam. It is a collection of problems to help you review some of the material for the exam and to practice some kinds of problems. This collection is not necessarily exhaustive. We have covered material in this class that is not represented in this collection. You should expect some problems on the exam to look different from these problems. Be sure to also review your class notes, quizzes, homework assignments, and reading assignments. This set of problems is not necessarily representative of the distribution of material on the final exam! 1. Which fits better: a square peg in a round hole, or a round peg in a square hole? Use the figure and show which one has less wasted space. (Assume the circle in each case has a radius of one unit.) ( a ) ( b ) 2. A right pyramid is formed whose base is an equilateral triangle. The base has sides of length 8 meters. The height of the pyramid is 10 meters. The distance from the apex to the mid-point of an edge of the base is 10.26 meters. Give the answers to the following problems to the nearest tenth of a meter or square meter, and use correct units. Show the equations you use.
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Final_Exam_Review_MA_139 - MATH 139 FINAL EXAM REVIEW...

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