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M/W/F CLASS MEETING TIME Tu/Th CLASS MEETING TIME 1st find your MWF time then match that with your Tu/Th meeting time-room COURSE KEY FOR STUDENTS WHO ARE REPEATING THE COURSE ONLY : 1) Login as normal 8:30 and TuTh-1:30 UNIV 001 E-39CDHZFH86YYC 2) Click 8:30 and TuTh-2:30 UNIV 001 E-2GVWKRBYCQYTV ‘Register for Another Course’ 8:30 and TuTh-3:30 UNIV 001 E-2MSJTT44Q7TA2 3) Use the new Course Key 1:30 and TuTh-8:30 UNIV 001 E-2V9C2EYV6J97C 4) Click ‘Courses’ 1:30 and TuTh-9:30 UNIV 001 E-65JTXBD86D93Z 5) Click ‘Assignments’ **Registering with the COURSE KEY: 1. In your browser, type and go to , the iLrn/CengageNOW Welcome page. 2. On the left side of this page, under New Users , click Create an Account . 3. Follow the instructions to find your school: Purdue University (West Lafayette, In ) and then click the ‘ Continue’ button. 4. Under the Course Key icon, click the button for ‘My instructor gave me a code to register for a class’. 5. In the Course Key box, type the Course Key code for your specific lecture time and recitation time-room (which is listed in the table above). The Course Key code is case sensitive, so type it exactly as it appears (all upper case). Click ‘ Continue’. 6.
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iLrnMA159AccessS10 - MA15900 Online Homework CengageNOW...

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