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MA 15900 -- EXAM CUTOFFS -- SPRING 2010 The minimum score for the grade: Exam 1 100 points Exam 2 100 points Exam 3 100 points Final Exam 200 points A: 82 A: 82 A: 82 A: 173 B: 71 B: 71 B: 71 B: 153 C: 47 C: 41 C: 47 C: 113 D: 35 D: 29 D: 35 D: 93 AVG. 60.7 AVG. 56.2 AVG. 62.4 AVG. 120.6 Specifically on Final Exam---200 or 193 is a high A, 187 is a middle A, 180 or 173 is a low A, 167 is a high B, 160 is a middle B, 153 is a low B, 147 or 140 is a high C, 133 or 127 is a middle C, 120 or 113 is a low C, 107 is a high D, 100 is a middle D, 93 is a low D, 87 is a high F, 80 is a middle F, 73 are low F's ** To check the reasonableness of your grade , distinguish the difference between getting a high C or a low C, a high B or a low B, etc. In estimating your overall grade, all your quizzes together will count 125
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Unformatted text preview: points at the end of the semester, 5/4 as much as a midterm exam. To broadly estimate your quiz grade , compare your quiz scores to the average quiz scores your Recitation Instructor gave you when they handed back your quizzes. If you are consistently near the average, your quiz grade can be estimated as being a C, above average or well above average most of the time would be estimated as a B or A, etc. For your Online HW grade (worth 75 points or 3/4 of a midterm exam at the end of the semester), using 90%-80%-60%-45% to estimate the letter grade would good. Average your estimated exam letter grades with your estimated quiz and HW letter grades to get an idea of how you did. The final grade distribution and grades will be determined as described in the ground rules for the course. HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY BREAK!...
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