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MA 15900 Final Exam Memo/Preparation Tuesday, May 4 – 10:20 AM (2 hour exam) in PHYS 114 NOTE THE ROOM CHANGE FOR THE FINAL EXAM: in PHYS 114 **Bring your Purdue ID to the Final Exam **Remember to be 10 to 15 minutes early to get your seat assignment. **The final exam is comprehensive and will cover types of problems and concepts from the entire semester. Slightly more than one third of the Final Exam will cover the topics from when we started trigonometry in section 6.1 to the end of the semester, so there is a slight emphasis on the later and latest material covered in the course. **There are 30 multiple-choice questions with only 5 choices for each problem instead of 9. In spite of the increased number of problems, and for various reasons I will not detail, the time pressure on students to finish the exam in the 2 hours allotted is little different than what you have experienced on the midterm exams. The vast majority of students will easily be finished showing me what they know before or well before the allotted 2 hours is expended.
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