class4f - PHYS 5900 Class 4 (9/02/2011) In[1]:= ?EulerGamma...

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PHYS 5900 Class 4 (9/02/2011) In[1]:= ?EulerGamma EulerGamma is Euler’s constant g , with numerical value > 0.577216. à In[2]:= N @ Sum @ 1 ê k, 8 k, 1, m <D - Log @ m DD ê . m Ø 1000 Out[2]= 0.577716 0.577716 Programming with Fortran: N A/ k = 1 m 1 k - Log @ m DE ê . m Ø 1000 Steps to take on Mac (the gfortran compiler is installed on the Mac machines) : 1) open a Terminal window, you can use cmd( Ì ) +space to evoke Spotlight or click the Spotlight icon at the upper-right corner of the screen; type Terminal ; select the proper item; 2) write a Fortran program (e.g., filename.f) with an editor (for example: TextEdit on Mac, WordPad on Windows); 3) inside Terminal on Mac (or DOS command window on Windows), type gfortran filename.f to compile and link the program to generate the executable file a.out (or a.exe on Windows PC); 4) ./ a.out (or ./ a or ./ a.exe on Windows) to execute the program and get results. or:
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3) gfortran -o exec_name filename.f 4) ./ exec_name Save your Fortran file with .f at the end as the extension name (e.g., filename.f); you can use filename .f90 for a Fortran90 program. Some other extension names such as .F or
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class4f - PHYS 5900 Class 4 (9/02/2011) In[1]:= ?EulerGamma...

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