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985 - of sales which include limitations on liability and...

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985 Aramid and High Performance Fabrics Product Data STYLE 985 Type of yarns Warp Yarn Spectra 1000, 650 denier Fill Yarn Spectra 1000, 650 denier Fabric Weight 5.5 (oz/yd 2 ) 186 (g/m 2 ) Weave Style 8H Satin CONSTRUCTION Nominal Construction Warp Count 32 yarns/inch Fill Count 32 Fabric Thickness 14.0 (mils) 0.36 (mm) Breaking Strength 1050 (lbf/in) 1000 (lbf/in) Markets Aeronautics/Aerospace Applications Aircraft Advanced Composites IMPORTANT All information is believed to be accurate but is given without acceptance of liability. Users should make their own assessment of the suitability of any product for the purpose required. All sales are made subject to our standard terms
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Unformatted text preview: of sales which include limitations on liability and other important terms. The fabric style listed may not be available from inventory, and minimum order quantities may apply. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US Hexcel Schwebel 2200 S. Murray Ave. P.O. Box 2627 Anderson, SC 29622 Phone: 864.225.7028 Fax: 864.260.6581 580 North Gilbert St. Fullerton, CA 92833 Phone: 714.278.0850 Fax: 714.526.2367...
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