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A GENERAL GUIDE TO SELECTING REINFORCEMENTS The physical properties of composites are fiber dominant. This means that when the resin and fiber are combined, their performance remains most like the individual fiber properties. Test data shows that the fibrous reinforcement is the component carrying the majority of the load. For this reason, fabric selection is critical when designing composite structures. Begin the process by determining the type of reinforcement needed in the project. The average fabricator has a choice of three types of materials. These are fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar®. Fiberglass tends to be the all-purpose choice, while carbon fiber offers high stiffness and Kevlar® high abrasion resistance. Our revised "The Fundamentals of Fiberglass" brochure includes extra fabric selection information if it is necessary. For customers requiring specific testing information, we have prepared the following laminate comparison table. This table should help you select the proper material when the stress loads of your parts are known in advance. Also, if a single fabric type won't work, they may be combined in the laminate forming a hybrid lay-up with the benefits of more than one type of material. Once the family of fabric has been determined, select the weight and weave style which suits the
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kevlar 540pm 42505 - A GENERAL GUIDE TO SELECTING...

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