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Unformatted text preview: Version 1.0, August 31, 2001, Copyright , Hugh Jack 1993-2001 52.1 FIBER REINFORCED PLASTICS (FRP) · Typical properties that may be desired are, 1.- light weight 2.- stiffness 3.- strength 4.- heat resistant 5.- impact resistance 6.- electrical conductivity 7.- wear resistance 8.- corrosion resistance 9.- low cost · Some notable applications are, 1.- Automotive - engine blocks, push rods, frames, piston rods, etc. 2.- Electrical - motor brushes, cable electrical contacts, etc 3.- Medical - prostheses, wheel chairs, orthofies, etc. 4.- Sports equipment - tennis racquets, ski poles, skis, fishing rods, golf clubs, bicycle frames, motorcycle frames 5.- Textile industry - shuttles 6.- etc. · Some advantages are, 1.- composites provide a maximum tensile strength to density ration approximately 4 to 6 times greater than steel or aluminum 2.- can provide a maximum material stiffness to density ratio of 3.5 to 5 times that of aluminum or steel 3.- high fatigue endurance limits 4.- absorb higher impact energies 5.- material properties can be strengthened where required 6.- corrosion potential is reduced. 7.- joints and fasteners are eliminated or simplified · Some disadvantages are, 1.- If either material is susceptible to local solvents, the composite cannot be used 2.- materials can be expensive 3.- design and fabrication techniques are not well explored and developed....
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  • Strength of materials, Tensile strength, fibres, Maximum Tensile Strength, normal yield strength, · Composites

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