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Spectra Fabrics - 1000 Fabrics StyleWeaveYarn...

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Spectra Fabrics2-D High Performance Fabrics > Carbon | Hybrid | Kevlar 29 & 49 | Spectra 900 & 1000 Spectra 900 and 1000 Fabrics Fiber Materials, Inc. is an experienced weaver of Spectra fabrics. FMI maintains a specialty weaving operation which can also support customer Excellent Properties Excellent strength-to-weight properties Excellent tear properties Abrasion resistant Cut resistant Chemical resistant The following are lists of common Spectra styles: Spectra 900 Fabrics StyleWeaveYarn Denier wxfConstruction wxfThickness (inches)Weight (oz/yd2)Breaking Strength lbs/in wxfEnd use 902Plain1200 x 120017 x 170.0185.5900 x 850Small marine, Structural composites 903Plain1200 x 120021 x 210.0207.01100 x 1000Helmets, Hard armor 904Plain650 x 65035 x 350.0176.3950 x 900Helmets, Hard armor, Air cargo curtains Spectra
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Unformatted text preview: 1000 Fabrics StyleWeaveYarn DenierConstruction wxfThickness (inches)Weight (oz/yd2)Breaking Strength Lbs/in wxfEnd use 945Plain21545 x 450.0062.6500 x 475Soft body armor 951Plain65017 x 170.0112.8600 x 550Sailboards, Composites 955Plain21556 x 560.0073.2700 x 650Soft body armor, Radomes, Backpacks 960Plain37532 x 320.0073.2600 x 550Soft body armor 9858H Satin65032 x 320.0145.51050 x 1000Blast containment, Radomes, Composites Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4 | Page 5 Spectra is a registered trademark of Honeywell International Inc. About FMI | Contact FMI | Employment Opportunities | Home | Privacy Policy Search FMI Website | Site Map | Terms & Conditions | Equipment For Sale Questions / comments concerning FMI's website: webmaster@fibermaterialsinc.comLast Updated: 02/28/2005...
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Spectra Fabrics - 1000 Fabrics StyleWeaveYarn...

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