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Louisiana State University Mechanical Engineering Department Professor Meletis ME 2733 Fall 2004 Materials of Engineering Homework Assignment #2 (due: in class Wednesday, September 15, 2004) 1. Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is an important material for high-speed semiconductor devices. The structure of this solid is illustrated below. The crystal system is cubic. a) What is the Bravais lattice for this material? b) How many atoms are there per unit cell? c) List the number, type and positions of the atoms associated with each lattice point; d) Calculate the theoretical density of GaAs. 2. Give the indices of the points, directions, and planes in the cubic cells shown in the figure. 3. What are the planes of highest density in FCC, HCP, and BCC metal structures? What are the directions of highest density within these planes?
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4. Sketch the (0110) plane in the hexagonal unit cell and list all the members of the {0110} family of prismatic planes for this unit cell.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Titanium is an important component of materials used in aerospace applications. It has a BCC crystal structure at high temperatures, but transforms to the HCP structure during cooling. This HCP structure has a ratio of c/a=1.59. In addition, the atomic radius increases by 3% in transforming from BCC to HCP. Determine the percent volume change due to the transformation. 6. Cite the indices of the first four diffraction peaks for Cr. 7. Calculate the density of CaTiO 3 . 8. CsI is an ionic solid that can be regarded as Cs + and I-ions packed together in a three dimensional structure. The ionic radii are 1.69 for Cs + and 2.16 for I-. a) Provide the shorthand electron notation for the elements Cs and I and based on that justify the ionic bonding exhibited by these two elements; b) Determine the Bravais lattice; c) Calculate the lattice parameter a ; d) Calculate the theoretical density of this compound....
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HomeWork+Assignment+2 - 5. Titanium is an important...

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