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Louisiana State University Mechanical Engineering Department Professor Meletis ME 2733 Fall 2004 Materials of Engineering Homework Assignment #4 (due: in class Wednesday, October 13, 2004) 1. The free energy of vacancy formation for Ni is 1.2 eV. (a) Calculate the equilibrium concentration of vacancies at 400 o C. (b) What is the maximum concentration of vacancies that can exist in solid Ni? 2. The diffusivity of Cu in a commercial brass alloy is 10 -20 m 2 /s at 400 o C. The activation energy for diffusion of Cu in this system is 195 kJ/mol. Calculate the diffusivity at 500 o C. 3. A thick low carbon steel plate (initial composition 0.1 wt% C) is heated to 1000 ° C in a carbonaceous atmosphere (CH 4 ) to be carburized (hardened by diffusing C). The carburization conditions keep the carbon surface concentration constant at 0.8% C (assume that only one
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