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Louisiana State University Mechanical Engineering Department Professor Meletis ME 2733 Fall 2004 Materials of Engineering Homework Assignment #6 Solution 1. (a) First, cool instantaneously from 800 o C to 300 o C and then hold at 300 o C for about 450 seconds. This treatment will transform 50% of the austenite into bainite. A subsequent quench will transform the rest of the austenite into martensite. Thus the final microstructure would be 50% martensite and 50% bainite. (b) Cool instantaneously to 450-500 o C and hold at this temperature for about 3 seconds. This will transform 50% of austenite into fine pearlite (or upper bainite). Then, quench to transform the rest of austenite into martensite. 2 . Following the TTT diagram, we can see that the microstructure produced would be 50% upper bainite and 50% lower bainite. 3 . Following the TTT diagram for 4340 steel, we can see that holding for 3 seconds at 500 o C the transformation does not start and the material still remains as austenite. Holding at 300
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HW6Solution - Louisiana State University Mechanical...

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