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Quiz1 - LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Mechanical Engineering...

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Unformatted text preview: LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Mechanical Engineering Department Professor Meletis ME 2733 Spring 2004 3 Quiz #1 Name: State or circle the correct answers 1. 9. 10. Identify the indices of the planes shown below: In general, metals with high melting point have: (a) high elastic modulus; (b) high thermal expansion coefficient; (0) high energy of vacancy formation; (d) shallow potential wells. A random 75at.% Cu 25at.% Au alloy (a) exhibits FCC structure; (b) exhibits simple cubic structure; (0) has 2 atoms per unit cell; (d) has 1 atom per lattice point. Titanium exhibits HCP structure and thus has (a) 1 atom per unit cell; (b) a closed , packed structure; (c) 1 atom per lattice point; (d) 2 atoms per lattice point. Bonding inNaCl (21) requires transfer of electrons; (b) is directional; (c) is covalent; (d) involves sharing of electrons. Metallic bonding (a) is directional; (b) involves delocalized electrons; (c) is a Van der Waals bond; (d) is a hydrogen bond. Dislocations are: (a) simple cubic structures; (b) point defects; (c) line defects; ((1) described by the Burgers vector Ni forms a substitutional solid solution with complete solubility with (a) Ag; (b) Al; (c) Pt; (d) Cr. Gold has FCC crystal structure and its second x-ray diffraction peak is (a) (110); (b) (111); (C) (211); (d) (200)- Identify the indices of the directions shown below: ...
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