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B A L LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY Mechanical Engineering Department Professor Meletis ME 2733 Spring 2004 Quiz #2 Name: __________________________ State or circle the correct answers 1. The tie line principle gives the compositions of the phases in equilibrium T F 2. The phase rule gives the weight fractions of phases in equilibrium.……… T F 3. Solubility limit of C in austenite is higher than that in ferrite ……………. . T F 4. Precipitation strengthening requires very slow cooling from a single phase region to room temperature T F 5. The true strain is higher than the engineering strain
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Unformatted text preview: . .. T F 6. Necking starts in the elastic region . . T F 7. Martensite has a body centered tetragonal structure and forms through a diffusion process . T F 8. The peritectic reaction is an invariant reaction but the peritectoid is not. T F 9. Slow cooling of a eutectoid alloy produces a lamellar microstructure T F 10. (a) Label all regions in the attached phase diagram. (b) Name and give (phases involved) the invariant reactions present. T...
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