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project2 - method using Simulink toolbox • Based on the...

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Project 2: Digital Control of the Ball-Beam System This project is based on Project 1 using mainly Simulink toolbox to validate your design. The project consists of the following: Program the continuous-time nonlinear ball-beam model using the Simulink tool- box, and the continuous-time controller from Project 1, to simulate the feedback control system, and to analyze the performance with comparisons to the lab. ex- perimental results. Linearize the ball-beam system and discretize it using both time-domain and frequency-domain methods. Discretize the continuous-time controller using both time-domain and frequency-domain methods. Analyze the fidelity of the plant model, and the performance loss with respect to the sampling period for each
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Unformatted text preview: method using Simulink toolbox. • Based on the simulation results, recommend the discretization method, the sam-pling period, and the Fnal feedback controller with performance analysis for the feedback system consisting of the continuous-time nonlinear plant model and discrete-time controller. The recommended sampling period should be the one that is the largest among those which provide acceptable performance. Each student needs write a technical report on the project. Type is required for the report, although equations can be hand written. The writing part is one third of the total score for the project, based on its structure, clarity, and analysis. Due day: May 3, 2004 in class. 1...
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