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Project - Page 1 Karrie Hugghins Patrick Quebedeaux Matthew...

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Page: 1 Karrie Hugghins Patrick Quebedeaux Matthew Bull EE 4580 Report 1 of Design Project 1 September 12, 2003 Executive Summary The first logical step in designing a feedback controller for the ball and beam system is to analyze the DC motor, the part of the system that causes the beam and ball to move to a selected position. The DC motor’s transfer function, a mathematical expression of the relationship between the output and the input, is given, but this is not enough information to begin designing the system. The parameters for this DC motor were estimated using experimental measurements taken in response to a known input. A least squares approximation was done on the portion of the data that appeared linear. This approximation allowed the paramenters to be solved for algebraically. Once the parameters of the motor are known, a very basic diagram of the DC motor with a proportional gain and velocity feedback acting on the motor provides a means to obtain the transfer function. The transfer function is then used to set the values for the gain and velocity feedback. These values satisfy the given specifications for less than 5% overshoot and approximately 1 second settling time of within 2% of the final value.
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Page: 2 Table of Contents Solving for the DC motor parameters …………… 3 Position Control Loop for the DC Servo ………... 5 Supporting Materials ……………………………. 9
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