m.file - load Pin Pin; Pin=Pin'; t=Pin(:,1);Pin=Pin(:,2);

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load current Ia; Ia=Ia';t=Ia(:,1);Ia=Ia(:,2); plot(t,Ia,'k'),xlabel('time [s]'),ylabel('current Ia [A]'),grid load velocity; v=v'; t=v(:,1);v=v(:,2); plot(t,v,'k'),xlabel('time [s]'),ylabel('velocity v [m/s]'),grid load torque T; T=T'; t=T(:,1);T=T(:,2); plot(t,T,'k'),xlabel('time [s]'),ylabel('torque T [N*m]'),grid load speed w; w=w'; t=w(:,1);w=w(:,2); plot(t,w,'k'),xlabel('time [s]'),ylabel('speed w [rpm]'),grid
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Unformatted text preview: load Pin Pin; Pin=Pin'; t=Pin(:,1);Pin=Pin(:,2); plot(t,Pin,'k'),xlabel('time [s]'),ylabel('Pin Pin [W]'),grid load Pout Pout; Pout=Pout'; t=Pout(:,1);Pout=Pout(:,2); plot(t,Pout,'k'),xlabel('time [s]'),ylabel('Pout Pout [W]'),grid load Eff eff; eff=eff'; t=eff(:,1);eff=eff(:,2); plot(t,eff,'k'),xlabel('time [s]'),ylabel('efficiency (eff)*100 [%]'),grid...
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