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Problem Set 2 STAT 3022, section 001 09/13/2011 The following should be completed by Tuesday, September 20. Assigned Reading Section 2.3: A t -Ratio for Two-Sample Inference (pp 37–44) Section 2.4: Inferences in a Two-Treatment Randomized Experiment (pp 44–46) Section 2.5: Related Issues (pp 46–50) Section 3.2: Robustness of the Two-Sample t -Tools (pp 60–64) Section 3.3: Resistance of the Two-Sample t -Tools (pp 64–65) Section 3.4: Practical Strategies for the Two-Sample Problem (pp 65–68) Section 3.5: Transformations of the Data (pp 68–73) Section 3.6: Related Issues (pp 73–74) Problems To Turn In “Pencil and Paper” Problems - No R output needed, but show your work 2.12, 2.13, 2.19, 2.20 Problems to do in R 2.14; data = ~ graalum/data/ch1/ex0112.csv
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Unformatted text preview: – 2.16; data = ~ graalum/data/ch1/case0101.csv * For this problem, simply use R to confirm the “Summary of Statistical Find-ings” on pages 3–4. No plots necessary. – 2.21; data = ~ graalum/data/ch2/ex0221.csv – 2.22; data = ~ graalum/data/ch2/ex0222.csv * For problems 21 and 22, perform one graphical summary (either side-by-side box plots or histograms similar to those created for the previous assignment), and use the appropriate t-tools to answer the problem. Include all relevant R input and output, including graphs. Describe the graphs and other output in your own words. You may find the code included in the lab exercises useful....
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