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Problem Set 3 STAT 3022, section 001 09/20/2011 The following should be completed by Tuesday, September 27. Assigned Reading Note that we are skipping Chapter 4. Section 5.3: The One-Way Analysis of Variance F -Test (pp 122-127) Section 5.5: Robustness and Model Checking (pp 130-132) Section 5.6.1: Further Illustration of the Different Sources of Variability (pp 133-135) (pp149–159) Problems To Turn In “Pencil and Paper” Problems - No R output needed 2.15, 3.20, 3.22 * Note : always use the natural (base e ) logarithm. Problems to do in R
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Unformatted text preview: 2.23; data = ~ graalum/data/ch2/ex0223.csv – 3.28a; data = ~ graalum/data/ch3/ex0328.csv * Do not do part (b). – 3.27; data = ~ graalum/data/ch3/ex0327.csv – 3.32a; data = ~ graalum/data/ch3/ex0332.csv * Only part (a) is assigned. * Part (b) cannot be done in R Commander using the GUI; it must be done using the command line. Therefore it will be given as extra credit but not assigned. Include all relevant R input and output, including plots and other graphics. Describe the output in your own words. You may find the code included in the lab exercises useful....
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