What is Planet Earth 3

What is Planet Earth 3 - -Atmosphere -Biosphere...

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-Atmosphere -Biosphere -Hydrosphere -Lithosphere -Cryosphere Different scientist studies each of these different spheres. However, there can be a lot of overlapped between the scientific disciplines and the different problems that are worked on. For example, a climate scientist might examine how the temperature of ocean waters contribute to the formation of hurricane. A marine biologist, studying the migration of sharks, might always want to known the temperature of ocean water in order to follow the warm currents followed by different types of fish. And a geologists would want to understand modern ocean waters as a basis for understanding information on ancient ocean currents that is preserved within the layers of rock at the bottom of the sea. In contrast, sometimes scientists studying different spheres are working on the same problem. For example, CO2—a greenhouse gas—is thought to be a cause of current global warming and global warming in the Earth’s ancient past. We can track the
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What is Planet Earth 3 - -Atmosphere -Biosphere...

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