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Unformatted text preview: PLANET EARTH: Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences, spring ‘12 Rutgers University Geological sciences (100) Dr. Christopher J. Lepre clepre@rci.rutgers.edu Web assignment, assignment #3: Structure of the Earth All answers must be placed on the scan­tron sheet. Answers place on this paper or answers submitted via email will not be accepted. http://scign.jpl.nasa.gov/learn/plate1.htm to answer some questions you must interact with these features of the webpage 19. Geophysics is the branch of physics that studies: a. geometry b. the Earth c. the universe 20. Which has the greatest thickness (kilometers): a. inner core b. outer core c. mantle d. crust 21. The proper order from surface to interior of Earth is: a. core, crust, mantle b. mantle, core, crust c. crust, mantle, core Match the terms on the left with the appropriate phrases on the right. 22. Outer Core a. mostly solid iron 23. Inner Core b. liquid iron, nickel & minor sulfur 24. The mantle mostly consists of ferro‐magnesium silicates. a. True b. False 25. The liquid outer core is thought to be a main influence on Earth's magnetic field. a. True b. False 26. The crust and solid portion of the upper mantle is the: a. lithosphere b. asthenosphere c. geosphere 27. The lithosphere is divided into many plates that move due to tectonic forces. a. True b. False ...
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