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MA 11100 Final Exam Spring 2011 NAME:_______________________________ Purdue ID:___________-_____________ 1. Fill in your name and Purdue ID above. 2. You must use a #2 pencil on the answer sheet. 3. Make sure that the color of this page matches the color of your answer sheet. 4. On the answer sheet, fill in the course number (MA 11100), and today’s date. 5. On the answer sheet (scantron), fill in the following information. a) Your last name, first name, and middle initial and blacken in the appropriate ovals. b) Your section number, 0001, and blacken in the ovals. c) Your 10-digit Purdue identification number and blacken in the ovals. d) Leave the test/quiz number blank. e) Sign the answer sheet at the bottom. 6. There are 30 questions on the exam. On the answer sheet, blacken your choice of the correct answer in the spaces provided for questions 1-30. Blacken the answers to questions 16-30 on
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