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MA 11100 and MA 15200 Spring 2011 Information Needed to Register for Online Homework Address: Purdue Zip Code: 47907 Adobe FlashPlayer is all that is needed on a computer. For your UserName: Use your Purdue email address (with the Each class ID is the instructor’s last name followed by a 5-digit number; no space between the name and the first digit of the number (see below). Select the correct course name and section number from the list below. Double check also the time your class meets.
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Unformatted text preview: Notice the first row is for MA 11100. Class Section Days Time Instructor Class ID MA 11100 001 MWF 12:30 Charlotte Bailey bailey43225 MA 15200 003 MWF 12:30 James Chagdes chagdes47359 MA 15200 004 MWF 1:30 James Chagdes chagdes31507 MA 15200 005 MWF 2:30 Andrew Schneider schneider41781 MA 15200 006 MWF 3:30 Andrew Schneider schneider83695 MA 15200 007 MWF 9:30 Charlotte Bailey bailey35133 MA 15200 008 MWF 10:30 Charlotte Bailey bailey17746 MA 15200X X02 Tuesday 6:00 Teresa Burkhardt burkhardt94949...
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