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E-mail messages, spring 2011 Message 2 Hello! I recommend you buy your textbook as soon as you are able. It is advantageous to have your textbook and MyMathLab kit by Wednesday, January 12. Students will be asked to bring the MyMathLab student access kit with them to class on the 12 th . Day classes will meet that day only in NLSN 1195 rather than the regular classroom. If you cannot purchase your textbook and MyMathLab prior to then, please still come to class. As a last resort, I can provide a temporary access code for emergency situations. The best case, however, is for each student to have his/her own access code. Remember, if you have used this textbook previously, you do not have to purchase a new textbook or MyMathLab student access kit. I have attached the ground rules and class schedule. Please print these, read, 3-hole punch, and
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Unformatted text preview: keep in your textbook binder or another handy location. Please bring the ground rules with you to your first class meeting. If you are a student eligible for academic adjustments, please read the appropriate section from the ground rules. You need to submit the correct paperwork in MATH 242 as soon as possible. (Students with accommodations will also need to arrange a meeting with me during the first week of classes.) The ground rules and schedule are a part of the course syllabus. More information will be sent this week, so keep checking your Purdue email. If you missed message 1 sent on Monday, it will be posted on the course web page as soon as that page is available to students. The course web page address is www.math.purdue.edu/MA11100. Charlotte Bailey MA 11100 coordinator MATH 802 [email protected] (765) 496-3145...
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