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message3 - E-Mail messages spring 2011 Message 3 Hello...

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E-Mail messages, spring 2011 Message 3 Hello! Today, I have attached some general comments about the class that I used to communicate to students the first day. However, since there are so many announcements plus a lesson on the first day, I decided to send the comments to you electronically instead. Please take the time to read this document and save. I also attached the assignment list. It, along with the ground rules and class schedule, is also found on the web page (www.math.purdue.edu/MA11100). Most of your homework will be completed online using CoureCompass through MyMathLab of Pearson Education. Do not try to register in CourseCompass or enroll on your own. The class will meet the second day of classes in a computer lab (rather than the regular classroom) and I will help register and/or enroll students then. There will be a PowerPoint presentations on the course web page to help those unable to register or enroll that day and to remind students of some of the features of CourseCompass. The location of the computer lab will be announced the first day of class or you can ask me
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