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MA 15300 Final Exam Information Tuesday, May 3 3:20 pm (2 hour final) STEW 183 (Loeb Playhouse). Pick up a scantron from your instructor upon entering for your assigned seat. 200 points Accumulative (covers the entire semester) BRING YOUR STUDENT ID TO THE EXAM WITH YOU 30 multiple-choice, machine graded problems Only your answer sheet is graded so make sure you have answered all questions the way you want. Any formula provided on any midterm would be also provided on the final exam. In addition, the two interest formulas (from Chapter 5) are also provided, if needed. Study suggestions: (1) Practice final exam questions available online on MA 153 web page. (2) Re-do all three midterms.
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Unformatted text preview: Blank copies are available online from the main MA 153 web page under "past exams". Answers also available. (3) Do the review problems that were assigned for each exam. Those problems can be found online from the MA 153 web page. Some additional review problems included from material following exam 3. (4) Look over quizzes given during the semester. Any concept covered by homework this semester is a possibility for the exam. Do not rely solely on the practice questions as a study guide. There will be approximately 8 questions from Chapter 5. Be sure to keep up with class and the homework from the textbook to help you practice the material from Chapter 5....
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