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Spring11exam1webcurve - Also consider where in the range...

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MA 153 Exam 1 Spring 2011 Following are the approximate letter grade cut-offs from exam 1: Overall average for Exam 1: 61.8 A 90 - 100 B 81 - 89 C 60 - 80 D 47 - 59 F 0 - 44 Also, this curve should not be used as an absolute determination of what letter grade you have in the course. It is provided for your own information and as an indication of how your score compares to others.
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Unformatted text preview: Also consider where in the range your score falls. For example, a score of 60 could be regarded as a D or a C (it is very close to a D). Your TOTAL NUMBER OF POINTS earned during the semester determines your final letter grade in the course. The deadline for dropping down to a lower level math course is Thursday, February 10. Please see your academic advisor if interested....
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