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Unformatted text preview: Changes to the schedule caused by the snow days I. Lectures. The February 9 lecture will now be Lesson 11 and half of Lesson 12, and the February 11 lecture will be the rest of Lesson 12 and all of Lesson 13. After that the lectures will be as previously announced. II. Homework due dates. Lesson 12 will now be due on 2/15, and Lesson 14 will be due on 2/17. All other homeworks will be due as previously scheduled. III. Quiz subjects. Quiz 8, on 2/15 will now cover only Lesson 11; Quiz 9, on 2/17, will cover Lessons 12 and 13; and Quiz 10, on 2/22, will cover Lessons 14 and 15. All other quizzes will be as previously announced. ...
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