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ps1 - k × k matrix of entries in column-major order when...

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6.851 Advanced Data Structures (Spring’10) Prof. Erik Demaine Dr. Andr´ e Schulz TA: Aleksandar Zlateski Problem 1 Due: Thursday, Feb. 11 Be sure to read the instructions on the assignments section of the class web page. Transposing a matrix. Prove that there is a binary search tree supporting the access sequence 0 ,k, 2 k,. ..,k 2 - k, 1 ,k + 1 , 2 k + 1 ,...,k 2 - k + 1 ,...... ,k - 1 , 2 k - 1 , 3 k - 1 ,...,k 2 - 1 in constant amortized time per operation. (This access sequence is equivalent to accessing a
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Unformatted text preview: k × k matrix of entries, in column-major order, when the items are stored in row-major order.) Logarithmic redux. Give a purely geometric argument that there is a binary search tree sup-porting any m searches on n items in O ( m log n ) total time. (Reason about point sets, not binary search trees.) 1...
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