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ps6 - 6.851 Advanced Data Structures(Spring10 Prof Erik...

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6.851 Advanced Data Structures (Spring’10) Prof. Erik Demaine Dr. Andr´ e Schulz TA: Aleksandar Zlateski Problem 6 Due: Thursday, Mar. 18 Be sure to read the instructions on the assignments section of the class web page. Dynamizing static search structures. An exponential search tree on n keys is a search tree data structure where the root has Θ( n 1 /c ) children, for a constant c > 1, and each child subtree is an exponential search tree on Θ( n 1 - 1 /c ) keys. The actual data is stored at the leaves. Internal nodes store “splitters”, which are or were keys, to enable search. Namely, an internal node stores a splitter for each child that is less than or equal to all nodes in the child subtree, and greater than all nodes in its left sibling subtree. For example, the splitter for a child could be the smallest key in the child subtree. (Assume for simplicity that all keys are distinct.) The internal node stores these splitters in a specified static predecessor search data structure (such as fusion trees).
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