Ps9 - 6.851 Advanced Data Structures(Spring’10 Prof Erik Demaine Dr Andr´ e Schulz TA Aleksandar Zlateski Problem 9 Due Thursday Apr 15 Be sure

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Unformatted text preview: 6.851 Advanced Data Structures (Spring’10) Prof. Erik Demaine Dr. Andr´ e Schulz TA: Aleksandar Zlateski Problem 9 Due: Thursday, Apr. 15 Be sure to read the instructions on the assignments section of the class web page. Link-cut tree analysis. 1. For the bound of the number of preferred child changes we used the heavy-light edge de- composition of the forest. We showed that the preferred child changes during the access operations happen only O (log n ) time per operation (amortized). In the analysis we counted all light preferred edge creations ( O (log n ) per access). Then we argued that the total num- ber of heavy preferred edge creations is smaller than the total number of light preferred edge creations plus n . Check if the link/cut operations interfere with this counting scheme. In particular, we might create to many light preferred edges during a link or cut. Can we charge these costs to the link/cut operations?...
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