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Solutions Warm-up 6 09-103 F 06

Solutions Warm-up 6 09-103 F 06 - SMle‘oAS<& r7...

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Unformatted text preview: SMle‘oAS /(<&)! r7 Warm-up 6 (covering Sec. 2.84.12) DUE Tues. 9m: 09-103 Fail 2006 (:3) 1 What is the most efficient mechanism for destroying 03 at altitutées‘gb ve 50 km (i e. in the mesosphere)? 99h 0+0“ + H10. __:_3 H -t- 4, OH EM magapy fie. tarmaci’icm 0? H a (folk "0”,;st (“(5 Kiwi-vfié—W Hut ”+3,me “r W“ Q (t) C 9:] 2. True or false? Justify your answer with information from the readings. U) All of the N0 1n the atmosphere 1s produced from the combustion of N2(g) 1n engines (FAR M054" o—F’thfl N0 N’\ +116; Cd'MOSf’Iflerfi’ i3 pmdqcagg AWE/(fag {y when Na 0 (which is produced bf microorganisms) MCI—s with O 0&th :10 R (a) 3. Name 2 properties of CFC s that originally made them desirable for commercial use. AMI 5k 3 «1'90”: Point in 033% Far/gr: ( ' C _. + 3 Jr a) W :; asset mm 1...) wt€.( (mm— eéw (LI) 4. What causes the formation of C1- or Br- m e atmosphere, and what are their roles in the destruction of O u V 5" (0 '3 Apia/flea Sac-Fit): C(g/aégxerhggf) to [0% 6L C‘ Ct [:59 C 5F law/Ki “m (throwers) (more N bmwvo «wemflbfflw For CFC/PS ~ WI“ an phoim(6\ QERROAM)? {0) t 17" fig 4 5;: + q («12.635501 1": but oquoK * 0r Br" same. (i Ulmmm (0102. U Q 5. True or false? Polar stratospheric c o a s I ve been observed near the North Pole, but the VQTEEJ extent of 03 is not as severe as that near the South Pole. I YSVL 63) an F iiwd: WD dzp‘ifl‘é 0A 6 () 6. What import is second onl§to illicit drugs as the most lucrative illegal import to the U S. ? C; F Cs (*1) 7. In synthesizing substitutes for CFCs, name 2 problems with replacing halogens m CFC _ molecular structures with H atoms. ( {J t, 7790 WHY H 6(th mrynes structure: OM tic/(“aw '2 4M (6(«E to (awwtvtd (mafia) Hm Eaten! (I) fim‘acf‘afurej (“3‘73-9 “10°Q) irov‘ m aes- FCXQ‘ILjF/f‘artfis ...
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