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Solutions/Key Warm-up 10 (covering Sec. 3.9-3.10) DUE Thurs. 10/10 09-103 Fall 2006 1. TRUE OR FALSE? Aerosols contribute to global warming. ( 1 ) FALSE (They counter the warming affect of greenhouse gases by allowing less radiation from the Sun to reach the Earth) 2. What does the IPCC stand for? ( 1 ) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 3. TRUE OR FALSE? The 2001 IPCC Report on projecting temperature change resulting from greenhouse gas emissions has inherent uncertainties.( 1 ) TRUE (See Fig. 3.25. Different computer-based models exist for predicting future temperature changes.) 4. Name 2 specific possible consequences of global warming that have been hypothesized by various scientists. ( 2 , 1 for each ) Any 2 of the following 5 are acceptable: 1. Rise in sea level 2. More weather extremes like storms floods, and droughts 3. Effects on plants, insects, and animals – ecological disruption, wildlife losses, and possible extinctions 4. Effects on health due to increases in diseases contracted by insects
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