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Solutions Warm-up 15 09-103 F 06

Solutions Warm-up 15 09-103 F 06 - Warm-up 15(covering Sec...

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Warm-up 15 (covering Sec. 5.12.3 – 5.14) DUE Thurs. 11/2 09-103 Fall 2006 1. Write the formulas of 2 trihalomethanes (THMs). ( 2 total – 1 for each ) Any 2 of the following: CHCl 3 , CHCl 2 Br, CHClBr 2 , CHBr 3 2. TRUE OR FALSE? CHCl 3 formation in water is not linked to chlorination. ( 1 ) FALSE . Chlorination causes the formation of HOCl in water. This HOCl can lead to formation of THMs like CHCl 3 by reacting with humic acids, which are the organic byproducts of plant or animal materials. 3. In the printout from the gas chromatograph in Fig. 5.26b, why does CHBr 3 take longer to reach the detector than CHCl 2 Br? ( Hint: Which compound would have the higher boiling point?) ( 2 total ) It has the highest molar mass (heaviest) (1). Since for compounds of relatively similar composition (like the THMs represented), a higher molar mass means a higher boiling point (1), CHBr 3 does not vaporize as readily and move as fast through the GC column. 4. TRUE OR FALSE? Most of the bottled water currently sold in the U.S. meets higher quality standards than those imposed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). (
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