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Warm-up 15 (covering Sec. 5.12.3 – 5.14) DUE Thurs. 11/2 09-103 Fall 2006 1. Write the formulas of 2 trihalomethanes (THMs). ( 2 total – 1 for each ) Any 2 of the following: CHCl 3 , CHCl 2 Br, CHClBr 2 , CHBr 3 2. TRUE OR FALSE? CHCl 3 formation in water is not linked to chlorination. ( 1 ) FALSE . Chlorination causes the formation of HOCl in water. This HOCl can lead to formation of THMs like CHCl 3 by reacting with humic acids, which are the organic byproducts of plant or animal materials. 3. In the printout from the gas chromatograph in Fig. 5.26b, why does CHBr 3 take longer to reach the detector than CHCl 2 Br? ( Hint: Which compound would have the higher boiling point?) ( 2 total ) It has the highest molar mass (heaviest) (1). Since for compounds of relatively similar composition (like the THMs represented), a higher molar mass means a higher boiling point (1), CHBr 3 does not vaporize as readily and move as fast through the GC column. 4. TRUE OR FALSE?
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