mt2_fall_2007_q1_sol - Solutions 1 For each of the...

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Unformatted text preview: Solutions 1. For each of the following statements, indicate whether the statement is true , or false and justify your answer. Unjustified responses will receive a grade of zero . Each question is worth 5 points. (a) Poutine is the quintessential Canadian comfort food. Americans make fun of it, but then they fill the trunks of their cars with it, smuggle it across the border, and sell it to their friends. In Montreal a dish of the finest quality poutine costs CAD 7.00. In Burlington, Vermont a similar dish of poutine costs USD 8.00. The CAD/USD exchange rate is 0.90. Statement . PPP holds for the Canadian and U.S. dollars, in terms of poutine. FALSE. The PPP price of poutine is 7.78, not 8.00. (b) Suppose that Americans — tired of their tired old U.S. dollar — decided to peg USD to CAD using a currency board system with CAD as the reserve currency. At first, things work well and USD prices are stable. Afterwards, the situation changes. All the USD previously used in the international drug trade finds its way back into the U.S.....
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mt2_fall_2007_q1_sol - Solutions 1 For each of the...

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