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CSE 101, Winter 2012 Lecture 2 Notes Class URL: http://vlsicad.ucsd.edu/courses/cse101-w12/
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Participation Exercise, January 12 Directions – Group yourselves into 2’s or 3’s – Write the {names + 4 th number of your SID} for your group onto ONE piece of paper – Write down one or more proposed algorithms for the following problem Let E be a sequence of integers x 1 , x 2 , …, x n . A number z is a majority in E if it occurs more than n/2 times in E. Majority Problem: Given a sequence of n numbers, find the majority in the sequence or determine that none exists. Example: <71, 4, 200, 4, 4> has a majority (= 4) <71, 4, 200, 4 ,4,108> has no majority
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Notes January 12(1) • Moodle Quiz #1: One student observed that writing “complete induction” for “strong induction” was judged incorrect.
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Unformatted text preview: If you feel that you entered a correct answer but did not receive credit, please contact me + TAs. Thanks to students who suggested that I look into buying a tablet for lecture presentation/annotation am looking into this. If you are joining (adding) the course late, contact TAs and me to open up the Moodle Quiz #1 for you (for a short window). All discussion sessions will have notes that I review and that TAs will post. Model Solutions are posted to help calibrate your homework responses. A handout on writing good pseudocode will also be posted. Remember: No ties in algorithms! For Moodle Quiz #2 and exams, you MUST be able to execute DFS correctly, find CCs, classify edge types, etc.!...
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cse101-w12-Notes-Lecture2 - If you feel that you entered a...

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