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CSE 101, Winter 2012 Lecture 4 Notes Class URL: http://vlsicad.ucsd.edu/courses/cse101-w12/
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Participation Exercise, January 19 Directions – Group yourselves into 2’s or 3’s – Write {name + last number of SID} for each member of your group onto ONE piece of paper – Write down one or more proposed algorithms for the following problem. PLEASE DO NOT SEARCH ON THE INTERNET; THANK YOU. Given a set of numbers, the MaxMin Problem is to identify the minimal and maximal elements in the set. Design an algorithm (preferably, divide-and- conquer) to solve the MaxMin Problem. (a) Describe in English; (b) state time complexity;
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Unformatted text preview: (c) justify correctness. Notes January 19 (1) • Moodle Quiz #2: Average was 9/10. #6 (identify back edge from pre/post intervals) had average score 0.69; #7 (identify node with post = 10) had average score 0.8. Please understand these questions if you missed them. – Jan 12 Notes: “For Moodle Quiz #2 and exams, you MUST be able to execute DFS correctly, find CCs, classify edge types, etc.!” • No switch to “piazza” from csemoodle (insufficient ROI) • Still to post: Handout on “writing good pseudocode”...
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cse101-w12-Notes-Lecture4-tablet - (c justify correctness...

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