Learning test 2 - 1 Opponent process theory has an...

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1. Opponent process theory has an explanation for multiple behaviors. Pick two and explain the theory with regard to the first time the behavior is elicited to the last. Definition and History Opponent process theory suggests that neurophysiological mechanisms involved in emotional behavior help to maintain our emotional stability. The theory suggest that these mechanisms are meant to keep us from having extreme emotional highs and lows and that the initial reaction will be followed by an opposing reaction in order to maintain homeostasis. The theory was developed by Richard Solomon in 1970 as an expansion of Hurvich’s general neurological opponent process model to explain our emotions, why we develop addictive tendencies, and how we become motivated. Experiment Solomon and Corbit did an analysis on the emotions of skydivers. In their study they noticed that beginners experienced extreme fear in during their first jump, which in turn changed into relief upon landing. They also noticed that the more the skydivers jump the more elation they felt instead of fear. (Solomon, Corbit, 1974) Personal Happiness and Sadness are considered a linked pair under this theory. A personal example for me is buyer’s remorse. I recently went to the store with the approval of my husband and bought an iPad which made me incredible happy. However, on the drive home buyer’s remorse started to sink in and I began to feel sad that I had spent so much money needlessly which also cause a great deal of guilt. The next day I returned to the store because I still felt bad about my decision and returned the unopened box. After I was refunded I felt happy again. Fear and relief is another pair. Every time I step on a plane I am filled with extreme fear. I am pretty sure that I am going to die throughout the entire flight. I cannot feel any emotion throughout the flight except fear. However, once we have landed safely I feel intense relief and I am thankful to feel the solid earth below my feet again and the fear is completely gone. Most of the time the first behavior will last until the second behavior intudes upon it. However, sometimes both emotions can be felt at once which causes confusing emotions.
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2. Some take the stance that behavior is based on Free Will, others believe in Determinism. What is meant by the idea of illusionary Free Will? Compare and contrast Free will is the idea that humans can decide for themselves what they want to accomplish in life and how they will do it. The idea of free will can date back as far as the biblical era. It is the idea that there is no such this as destiny or predetermined acts. Determinism however suggests that free will is just an illusion and that in reality everything is revealed to us in accordance with natural law and that things happen solely from our own determination. The inability to control our own destinies while feeling as though we have control is the idea of illusionary free will. In other words long before you decide to make
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Learning test 2 - 1 Opponent process theory has an...

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