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Unformatted text preview: 1 Definitions • graph • simple graph - no loops, no more than one edge between 2 ver- tices. • bipartite graph - 2-colorable graph, can be split into two dis- joint sets so every vertex in set 1 connects to a vertex in set 2. • plane graph • planar graph - 2-D graph no overlaps. • subdivision of a graph - when you subdivide edges in the graph. • complete graph - every edge that can be drawn is. • complete bipartite graph - 2 disjoint sets of vertices where every vertex in set 1 is connected to every vertex in the second set. • vertex - The dot. • edge - the line • multiple edge - more than 1 edge between the same 2 vertices. • loop - edge that starts and ends at the same vertex. • degree - The number of edges drawn to a vertex. • degree sequence - the non-increasing sequence of vertex degrees in a graph • path - in a sequence of vertices such that from each vertex there is an edge to the next vertex in the sequence....
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