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Homework 4 Solutions - CE 398 Introduction to Civil...

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© Sam Labi, CE 398 Fall 2011 CE 398 Introduction to Civil Engineering Systems Design, FALL 2011 Homework 4. The Basic of Statistics Due September 22, 2011 Name: SOLUTIONS Use the lessons learned from watching the video to answer these questions. QUESTION 1. POPULATION AND SAMPLING In their tasks of designing, describing, evaluating, or generally managing a civil engineering system, engineers need data about the system demand, components, performance, etc. While it is preferred to get such data for the entire population, this is not possible in reality. Therefore, engineers typically resort to taking a small sample from a given large population in order to make conclusions about the population. Discuss why this is so. Solution The student should give a convincing argument around these three points: Lack of resources for sampling (manpower, money) Lack of time for sampling Inability to access all elements of the population during the sampling process QUESTION 2. DESIGN OF STATISTICAL EXPERIMENTS FOR SYSTEMS DESCRIPTION OR EVALUATION
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Homework 4 Solutions - CE 398 Introduction to Civil...

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