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To: Dr. Richard Leiter From: Xcell Computers Team C: Debra Flickinger, Anil Chethikattil, Shirley Fayson-Miles, Shawna Van Fleet, and Yalunda Taylor Subject: Quarter 7 Executive Briefing Memo Date: October 9, 2011
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President: Shawna Van Fleet is the current company President of Xcell Computers. Our performance, in relation to our stated goals, especially in regards to market share, is in need of improvement. In our three segments, we have the lowest market share. In contrast to that, our ad, price, and brand judgments are among the highest in each segment, which lets us know that we are on target with providing what our customers want and need. We are addressing this market share departure by opening additional sales offices, hiring more sales people, and increasing our advertising, drastically, to get better reach for our products in their respective markets. Overall, Xcell Computers expects a great year-end finale in Q8. We are financially in a good place, with constant profit increases from quarter to quarter, and we have set the bar for competitors in total marketing effectiveness and performance, as well as financial performance. We are also expanding sales channels, rapidly, to give us the final push towards a great year-end performance. The biggest surprise from our competitors is how aggressively they have invested in future operations (R&D), when it appears to have a very severe effect on their financial performance, and how quickly they expanded to other sales regions. Marketing Research: Anil Chethikattil is the current company Marketing Research VP. As Xcell Computers moved in Q6, we decided to add an additional market segment; Mercedes. This will help us increase our profit margin and capture Mercedes segment sales as well as improve our demand in the innovator segment. To improve our sales, we increased our number of sales people in all offices, as well as offer training and sales incentives for better performance. In Q7 we improved our brands by adding new features from R&D, which would help our products to be on top again. This included improving our ad and increasing the number of ads placed locally. With these decisions, we were able to increase our sales by 48% in Q7. Please see Figure 1 for more specific details. In-store decisions increase market demand, hence we are opening new offices in Tokyo and New York. This will really help us to increase our sales in Q8 and improve market share.
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Team 3_Week5Q7Memo - To Dr Richard Leiter From Xcell...

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