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To: Dr. Richard Leiter From: Xcell Computers Team C: Debra Flickinger, Anil Chethikattil, Shirl Fayson-Miles, Shawna Van Fleet, Ameri Elechi, and Yalunda Taylor Subject: Quarter 3 Executive Briefing Memo Date: September 25, 2011 President: Shawna Van Fleet is the current company President of Xcell Computers. Xcell Computers has worked extensively in Quarter 3 to design and tailor two different brands to the Traveler and Cost Cutter market segments, respectively. Along with brand design, advertising, sales offices, and market research were developed to help get our products out to our consumers. By working on these parts of our product, we are starting to move out into the market and reach our customers, while slowly growing revenues. Xcell Computers hopes to gain market share and grow into an industry leader for personal computers. We also want to gain the trust of our consumers, as a reliable company who meets their needs and listens to their feedback. Overall, the Xcell Computers team is functioning and working very well together. As with most adult team endeavors, the scheduling of meetings and finding convenient times for all members to meet and work is very hard. But this has impacted the performance of the team in a very small way, as shown by the level of success achieved in Quarter 3. Marketing Research: Anil Chethikattil is the current company Marketing Research VP. The two market segments we chose are cost cutter and travel, attached is a chart showing top 8 cities for the 12-month potential demand. This chart can be found on the Attachments/Figures Page, under Figure 1. We chose LA and London for test marketing. For marketing research we decided to hire
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Team_3_Week3Q3Memo - To: Dr. Richard Leiter From: Xcell...

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